A significant reason I found your courses to be so exceptional were my fellow students. In addition to the incredible backgrounds and experience, including within the field of protection, possessed by my fellow students (as I mention above), I had the pleasure to interact with each one of them, whether during a table top or practical exercise, during the PRT or pistol course, or during the breaks or between class hours during a meal From these interactions I found them as a whole to be genuine, resourceful, competent, intelligent, incredibly knowledgeable people, who had a passion for learning, had opinions and respected the opinions of others, had a strong sense of duty and responsibility, and very importantly, had great senses of humor ☺. In other words, the type of people with whom I prefer to spend my time, whether at work or “off hours.” From my observations and interactions, your EPI motto of “Ethics, Integrity, & Honor” is innate to the students of class 74, which says something pretty darn good about EPI today and what Dr. Kobetz began building 35+ years ago.

Having met people and made friends that I know I’ll be in contact with for years to come, likely the rest of my life, in a course lasting only 7 days, is not something I expected, and is one of the top reasons my experience in your 7-day PEP course was truly exceptional. My fellow students made a significant contribution to inspiring me to learn as much as I can, maintain our connections/network, and pursue working in the field of protection. A huge thank you to all my fellow students!!

Thank you EPI for the opportunity to have been part of Class 74.

Dutch Johnson, PPS

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