I want to take this opportunity to provide you with a few comments and to say thank you for the extraordinary Executive Protection Institute (EPI) course experiences I had a few weeks ago. As you’ll note, I give high praise to your courses and people, not because I think it’s what you all want to hear, rather it’s because you and your program have earned and deserve every word of praise given, and probably more.

The exceptional instruction I (we) received, the caliber of students that your program attracts, the type of people I met who work in the field (instructors and students), the feel I got for what it would be like to work in the field of protection, and the incredible network that I feel I now have access to, just by having completed your Providing Executive Protection Program, has not only instilled excitement within me, it has inspired me to learn as much as I can, as well as pursue working in this field,… after having worked as an engineer/investigator for the past 15+ years.

I attended your Providing Executive Protection, followed by Protection Response Tactics, and then the Protector’s Pistol Course. Each course was exceptionally well planned and taught, and provided me, as well as my classmates with an extraordinary learning experience. Your teaching (facilitation) philosophy coupled with your very diverse and highly experienced security operators who taught the course modules, as well as my fellow students, are what made my learning experience extraordinary. I came into your courses with no protection experience, but with a number of years of teaching experience (physical techniques to groups of 6 to 100, and undergraduate and graduate level engineering courses), and without a doubt I can say that you guys rock!

The evolution, distillation, and streamlining of the material and how it is presented, the course planning and logistics of actually putting on the courses, and acquiring the very talented and approachable instructional and administrative staff, all of whom have gone through the 7-day PEP course (I really like that) no doubt have required significant effort and time, both of which are apparent and are hugely appreciated!

Thank you all for what you have put into your program, which truly is exceptional.


When I first received the invite from Executive Protection Institute (EPI), I must admit… I was very excited, absolutely honored and a little bit worried. I was excited because I’d only heard of these guys out there in the executive protection game as one of the two top schools in the industry. Based on all the conversations I had been part of up to this point Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and Executive Security International (ESI) were referred to as the Harvard and Yale of the executive protection training cadres. Unfortunately however I have had some negative experiences with training like many other agents and I was worried that maybe this world-renowned and much respected school had fallen into tradition or even dogma to the point that it’s relevancy may have faded over the years. My primary mode of learning when it comes to the executive protection industry had simply been on the job training for the most part. I got my first security detail right out of the Marine Corps at age 21 and didn’t go to my first school until I had already successfully conducted executive protection operations in over 60 countries and seven years later. Much of what I heard was being taught in classes and things I’d seen were not necessarily relevant to what I was seeing in the private security industry. Many things were very State Department centric rather than being private security centric with regards to techniques, tactics and the amount of agents present in the drills for moving principles. If in fact my experience at EPI was not positive then I simply wouldn’t say anything about the school either way publicly. However Executive Protection Institute far exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to many things I had not yet seen in our beloved game of executive protection.

I cannot express the amount of appreciation and respect I have for the teaching cadre at the school. They all did such a fantastic job. They all came a crossed as very professional, very thoughtful, inspirational and genuine. You could tell that they deliberately created an environment that would foster learning. Everyone was held in high regard, well-respected and encouraged to ask questions. This deliberate positive environment made it possible for us to more easily digest, comprehend and retain the very intense and extremely high volume of information they presented to us daily. A day at this course started promptly at 8 AM and continued beyond 12 AM into one or two in the morning. As a military guy I was expecting them to bring out the stress monster just for kicks but they never did and I relax because I realized it wasn’t their way of teaching… I think it really truly helped me learn better.

They trained us on virtually every component and sub component imaginable on and around the subject of executive protection. Topics such as emotional intelligence, financial management, health and mindset were not overlooked. There were courses around both hard skills and soft skills during this 100 hour journey. The volume of information was so intense and the time we spent so high-quality but rigorous that it honestly felt like I had just done a detail with these guys on the road by the time the course was over. You get close to people you work next to and I must admit this felt like a little family by the time it was our turn to leave the classroom and go back out into the world.

This course didn’t only teach techniques and tactics for executive protection but also gave you an extremely accurate understanding of what it’s like to be on the job as an executive protection agent. This is one of the primary reasons I would recommend this course to anyone getting into the game. Many courses you go to may teach you the right techniques and tactics but you will leave there was no concept of what it’s really like to do the work. I had a hard time not saying amen to so many of the statement’s instructors made about how the real world works because the content was so relevant to how things are on the job. Because you get to learn from such an assortment of different instructors who are all operating at the top of their respective game either in the government or private security industry. There’s something for everyone to learn from this school no matter where you are in your private security career.

Beyond all of this you will become an alumni of the “Nine Lives Associates” if you graduate. The Nine Lives Association (NLA) is a special brotherhood of alumni who are committed to delivering a special kind of professional service. This membership and brotherhood widens the agents sphere of relationships and thus their opportunities also multiply as a result. There are NLA members also known as “cats” in many very high places all throughout the private security industry so it is an absolute honor and to be considered a very prestigious achievement to join our ranks upon graduation.

It has been a very long time since I had experience this feeling of family after training with anyone or any group and it was a beautiful thing to experience on graduation day at EPI. I came out of this course not only feeling in my heart but knowing in my mind that I am definitely going to perform at a higher level as a private security agent moving forward as a result of my time at this learning from this fine institution.

Special thanks to Mr. Jerry Heying for being such a fantastic industry leader and the many contributions he has made to the private security industry as a whole and future generations to come.


I spent approximately eight and a half years as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service. During that time, I participated in protective operations both domestically and in over 20 foreign countries and had the opportunity to assist in the protection of many living.

Regarding Executive Protection Institute and the 7-day Providing Executive Protection Program, to be candid and completely honest, my expectations were not that high, but I was willing to keep an open mind and assume the perspective of someone who had never been trained nor done this type of work.  After the first day and a half, I quickly realized that EPI had instructors with real world experience.  The staff and instructors were and are teaching much of the same tactics, techniques and procedures that I used during my time with the USSS and that I currently use at my Company.  Within that week, EPI was able to touch upon, even if in the smallest degree, almost every facet of executive protection. EPI did a good job in emphasizing the importance of thinking like the adversary, determining risk and realizing weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  I would have liked to have seen more time spent on the advance practical exercises, but I understand we all fall victim to cost and time constraints.

Overall, I was very impressed with the logistics, content and instructors involved in this course.  I have and will continue to recommend this course as a great training course for any and all interested in executive protection.

Joshua Quitaro, PPS
Nine Lives Associates Member


The EPI Protection Driving Program has been the best driving course I have ever taken. Simply because the instructors have taken this course and broken it down to its most essential principles, applied the science of why and how, then instilled a skill into the student. The program does not teach you how to be a good driver but builds upon your existing driving abilities and teaches you how to be a conscious and active driver. Everyone from protection specialist, law enforcement and civilian will benefit from the hands-on courses you get to drive as well as the science and philosophy behind it. Most of all, there was 3 days of fun and camaraderie from all involved.

Shaun Marks
Nine Lives Associates Member