How I got into the executive protection field

I was recently asked how I got into the executive protection field, and after thinking about it for a little bit…here is my response. I was a police lieutenant in Mason, OH and was assigned as the Incident Commander for the Western & Southern Open tennis tournament. This is a very large tournament that is played in Mason each year and draws all the biggest names in the world of tennis. While coordinating and planning the police response for this event I had the opportunity to meet and work with Mike Wylie and Matt Warken. Mike was the security manager and Matt is the player protection manager. The tree of us were able to work extremely well together and looked for ways to help each other. I started using police officers to assist Matt with the movements, and autograph signing events, involving high-profile players. This involvement immediately sparked my interest in protection, and I enjoyed working with these guys who did it so well.

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Reflection On Continued Risks Facing the Industry

There is something about beginnings – starting a relationship, a new job, an incoming opportunity, or a new detail. Whatever it is, that idea of a fresh start brings with it new energy, excitement, and opportunity to refine what we have learned, taking lessons from past actions, and thoughtfully evaluating them to create better future options.

The incoming year will carry over baggage from its predecessor, continuing to challenge us as practitioners to constantly adapt to situations, mitigating hazards of the profession with the continued creativity that is the cornerstone of any superior close protection professional. Some lagging challenges to consider:

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10 Reasons to attend the IPSB Annual Close Protection Conference

As one of the Founding Board Members of the International Protective Security Board (IPSB), I like to remind folks periodically of the value of attending our annual conference.

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