How to Hire the Right People for Your Security Team

Over the course of interviewing dozens of security leaders on this podcast, one of my favorite questions is, “How do you hire the right people for your security team?”

Their answers always provide a great insight. That’s because after interviewing countless job candidates, they’ve learned the best approaches to help them figure out how a person really ticks. And more importantly, whether they will work well on their team.

In this LifeRaft Podcast episode, Jerry Heying breaks down the techniques he uses to identify top talent and hire the right people for his close protection details.

Expect to learn the key personality trait every protector needs to succeed in the private sector, the biggest red flags to look for when interviewing candidates, the job interview question every hiring manager should ask, how to sniff out misleading accomplishments on a resume, the type of great candidates’ security managers often overlook, and much more.