After knowing about EPI for a very long time I finally reached the point to attend and come out of class 84. After the knowledge and instruction my biggest regret was that I didn’t do it sooner. I started my networking locally and while traveling making most contacts to local ASIS chapters. I got my first “gig” through a good friend who is a local police officer. It was for an up-and-coming regional Latina singer who was having some stalker issues from an obsessed fan, getting her to and from her events and identifying this individual. Doing this detail brought me into contact with other performers and their event managers which led to another performer for whom I still currently provide protection. My various law enforcement contacts have also opened the door to some political activities which I give credit to my attending EPI, the senator’s protection detail was very impressed with the skillset I had obtained.

As far as other networking the mixer event that was in Columbus OH. Organized and hosted by Craig McKim has opened the door for many new contacts and opportunities. Attending the EP Conference in December was a milestone and provided a wider network.

My most recent milestone is that I have established my company, registered with the state, and obtained insurance and am currently in the application process of for an armed security license in the only city in my state that requires one. I am hoping that the formation of a company will open the door for obtaining more contracts.

I want to send a special thanks to the EPI staff for always being there to answer my questions and their continued support.

Dwight Shepherd, PPS; Executive Protection Institute Graduate, NLA Member