Empowering Protectors through the Protection Response Tactics Program

Baker Defensive Tactics recently made a significant rollout at the Executive Protection Institute by introducing Phase 6 of the Protection Response Tactics (PRT) program.

This public debut marked an important milestone in sharing this innovative system of response measures with a broader audience. For those unfamiliar with the program, PRT is a comprehensive framework designed to address the unique requirements of Personal Protection Specialists (PPS). It equips them with the necessary tools and training to mitigate risks and engage threats effectively while considering good optics. 

The PRT Program is a cutting-edge system that combines innovation and proven methodologies to deliver comprehensive training for protection professionals. The program aims to reduce client risk by empowering protectors with the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately in critical situations. PRT goes beyond traditional approaches, providing additional countermeasures that enhance safety and security.

At the core of PRT lies the unwavering commitment to minimizing risks and ensuring clients’ safety. The Protector’s ultimate goal is to effectively utilize the appropriate response to mitigate potential threats. By participating in the PRT program, protectors gain access to a wide range of tools and techniques that enable them to implement suitable countermeasures, thereby reducing the vulnerability of their clients.

PRT equips protectors with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate challenging situations. Among the program’s key components are Physical and Verbal Posturing, Soft Control, and Hidden Force methods. These fundamentals serve as the building blocks for protectors, ensuring their actions are visually appropriate and socially executable. By adopting these techniques, protectors can respond effectively while maintaining a balanced approach, avoiding excessive use of force.

Building on the success of the Executive Protection Institute’s Providing Executive Protection Program, Baker Defensive Tactics is excited to announce that the PRT program will be taught again from October 21 to October 23. This course presents an excellent opportunity for individuals interested in enhancing their protective skills to register for this highly anticipated course. To secure a spot in the upcoming class, interested participants can contact us directly at https://bakertacticaldesign.com or the Executive Protection Institute’s official website at https://www.personalprotection.com.

We hope to shape the landscape of personal protection, providing personal protection specialists with the necessary tools and training to mitigate risks and engage threats effectively. By incorporating the principles and techniques taught in the program, protectors can confidently navigate challenging situations while ensuring the safety and well-being of their clients.

For more information about Baker Defensive Tactics and its comprehensive programs, please visit our official website at https://bakertacticaldesign.com. To inquire further or seek personalized assistance, feel free to contact Alan Baker directly.