Your Network Starts With the NLA

One of the FANTASTIC benefits of being a NLA Member is the immediate Network that comes with it.

It’s VERY interesting to me how this Networking article came to pass. “How?” you ask. Well, let me tell you…

One of our Cat brothers reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in writing an article about the benefits of Networking. As you might guess, I was all about it! But the ironic part of it is that we met, Networking, through an event I hosted back in August 2021. And at least part of the reason he was there was because of his affiliation with EPI and being a Nine Lives Associate. I am, of course, talking about Greg Schnell!

Greg has been great to get to know and am proud to call him a Cat! But on to the lecture at hand…

One of the FANTASTIC benefits of being a NLA Member is the immediate Network that comes with it. And with that Network, comes credibility. Personally, I’ve walked into a number of details simply because of my active membership in the NLA and the known fact, EPI provides world-class training! But if you’re reading this…you already knew that.

Another great benefit of being active in the NLA Member Network is when calls come in for service or coverage. EPI staff is quick to search the database of members to fulfill said detail! Now, it DOES fall on each member to stay in touch. Just waiting for the phone to ring doesn’t get it done. You’ll notice I use the “active” when referring to members. Those who are out there showing they want the work, NOT just the training will benefit more from the NLA!

And finally (not REALLY finally, but I do want to keep this short), this professional network gives the opportunity to have great professionals around for counsel, advice and encouragement. Also, if you are traveling to cities around the country and globe, chances are you can find a Cat there. It’s great to catch up over a drink or utilize them on details. And that is easy to do considering (see above) the credibility that is already built in because you know what they know!

Cats, the NLA provides opportunities to grow your professionalism, skills, business, and Network. Use it! It’s all there for the taking.

My name is Craig McKim. I’m based in Cleveland, OH. First round is on me. “I approve this message.”